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Blog Days/Dog Days

In the Interest of keeping this thing up, I will be figuring out post days. Since I’m still not quite an expert at this I will be aiming for once every two weeks and giving myself a pat on the back for every time I exceed my goal. I was thinking of posting on every other Wednesday or every other Friday, but I’ll let you know when I figure it out for sure.

As for now, I’m in the process of sifting through a lot of my old writings to see if anything could be of some use for this blog and trying to overcome some major writers’ block. If you could see the utter mess and sea of papers my room has become from old writings and recent exercises, you would probably be scared to step inside for fear of being swallowed by a paper monster.

Well I’ll work on trying not to get eaten myself and be back with some more content soon,


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Let’s Try Again: The Welcome Back Speech

Once upon a time, I started this blog and that is all I really did, start a blog. After about two weeks, the magic died and I barely went back. Every now and again, I would look it up and once I even added more posts, but I have never truly had and maintained a blog. I have been contemplated giving it another go for years now. I have always thought, why not? I love to write, I give my unsolicited opinion quite often and like anyone else in the world, I think I have a lot of profound things to say. I’m the ranting head of the group, the dissent when I need to be, the devil’s advocate when other opinions need to be considered and the talker when all is quiet. Needless to say, I need an outlet and so, why not blog?

I tried moving my blog to Wix, Tumblr and numerous other sites. Yet, here I am. Back at the same place. Ignoring my previous Welcome speeches for other sites and and opting for a welcome back speech instead. This is a blog about life, a blog about books and most of all, this is a blog of randomness. My freeform let me tell you what’s on my mind blog and I hope people will enjoy reading it just as much as I will enjoy trying to keep it updated.





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See you were an illusion,

a product of my desire and confusion.


You’re a thing of my imagination,

the product of my fascination.


Was it all a dream I had in class,

did I imagine you in days pass.


But that can’t really be,

because there is a you and there is a me.


See you are a man of flesh and bone,

you stand on two feet and walk on your own.


Maybe I didn’t imagine you there,

just maybe the illusion was that you cared.


So what if you’re true,

the illusion is me with you,

or that you feel the way I do,

or maybe once you felt that way too.


A mind is a dangerous thing so it seems,

it can make a person a slave to their own dreams.


It is a shame,

falling prey to my minds own game.


I guess that’s the thing about an illusion,

it’s only a product of your mind’s confusion.

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Sexy Signs Final (Scorpio) By Thelma Balfour

Zodiac Scorpio by Mag_nit

Scorpio, The Scorpion (October 24 to November 21)

If you’re looking for kinky sex, you’ve come to the right person, but you better understand what you’re getting into, because there’s no turning back once you’re involved with a Scorpion. While most people are satisfied with two orgasms, a Scorpion wants twelve!

“Sex” is the key word here. The Scorpio man or woman is totally obsessed with it. By that I mean how to get it and more of it, how to keep it, and how to improve it. Nothing is taboo to them, and, once aroused, they’ll perform anytime and anyplace. When in bed, they mean business, and they must satisfy their insatiable appetite for sex. They will use electric devices, props, and whips without hesitation, and they love cunnilingus and fellatio. Soft caresses are out: he’s an animal in bed and she’ll scratch ’til you holler.

 Scorpio Man: One male Scorpion told me that he makes preparations for sexual encounters weeks in advance, choosing just the right music and lighting. But once intercourse begins, he enjoys six or seven encounters a night, making his companions beg for mercy. The goal of a Scorpion is to totally possess his mate, both physically and mentally, so proceed with caution. Don’t tease unless you plan to deliver, because Scorpions will rape if attempts at sex are thwarted by their companions.

 Scorpio Woman: The Scorpio woman is daring and experimental, and she’ll do anything to prolong sex, from using vibrators and dildos to popping your behind with a whip. Boring routines and methodical schedules are not her cup of tea because she brings intensity to all her sexual encounters. This woman is active in bed and likes to gain control by mounting her partner.

A Scorpion’s best bet is someone born under the sign of Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, or Virgo.

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Sexy Signs Part 11(Pisces) by Thelma Balfour

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Pisces, The Fish(February 19 to March 20)

Pisceans enjoy sex to the fullest: they are very creative in bed and are most cooperative in trying innovative types of sex. They will do just about anything short of death to please their partners. Their apparent shyness and timidity is only a front, for, once the doors are closed, they’ll take you on the adventure of a lifetime. On the darker side, Pisceans sometimes join sex cults, become prostitutes, or engage in long-term master/slave relationships.

Pisces Man: Attractive, intelligent, and charismatic, the male is extremely passionate, self-indulgent, and sensitive to others. Although he likes to take the lead in bed, he likes an experienced, sexually demanding woman who will make all of his erotic fantasies come true. He’s definately a foot man; a mate will drive him wild by massaging his feet and sucking his toes.

Pisces Woman: The Pisces woman is sexually liberated and will do anything — wear outrageous costumes, endure bondage, give a tongue bath, lie under a “golden shower” — to please her lover. Easily turned on by exotic settings and erotic games, she is a passionate woman who enjoys sex to the fullest and will sometimes use her body to get what she wants.

Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio are compatible signs.